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Freunde von Freunden — Amelie Deuflhard.

public space is a laboratory and its citizens are her accomplices

“ Kent Monkman: The Artist as Hunter particularly focuses on questions of identity and challenges to power structures, both key elements of Monkman’s art. Included are a set of paintings as well as photographs, prints, films and several installations, one of which is a diorama. They are to be displayed throughout Rochechouart castle, occupying areas such as the castle tower or the Hunt Gallery, where 16th-century wall paintings of a stag hunt echo the political and belligerent dimension of Monkman’s own productions. In the tower gallery, Monkman turns traditional roles on their head, Indians scrutinizing Westerners as ethnic subjects worthy of study. Through parody, Miss Chief undermines the myths of the Wild West and reminds us that we are all part of someone else’s folklore. An installation combining music and dance sited in the wooden-beamed top-floor castle gallery space conjures up a traditional Native Indian “berdache” (Two-Spirit) ceremony. Such two-spirit people were revered members of the tribe who displayed an amalgam of male and female traits. Their existence astonished and appalled many early explorers of Western America, such as the painter George Catlin. ”


'BORDERLINE I-III', Color, no sound, Lia Sáile, Vienna, At, 2014

Based on infra red and daylight camera footage from the Mexico/USA barrier and the Morocco/Melilla Barrier (Spanish Exclave on the north coast of Africa)

Shown at solo exhibition ‘Borderline' at Hans Reh Gallery, Vienna May 2014, in context of 'Largest Common Divider’, art in public space.

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Second world war in Google Street View.
"Chinesische Mauer": Entlang der MaH wurde Mauer aufgezogen! |


soggy day on the south coast of iceland / hangin with some glaciers


The INCLUDED exhibition that I’ve been designing for over a year is finally up and running for another 4 days, in the middle of Sanlitun Village. Check it out if you get the chance!

INCLUDED is a Non Profit that builds community centers for migrant communities all over Asia using shipping containers. This exhibition carries the visitor through a more personal experience of the migrant and their experience of moving, settling, and working in a Chinese city. Here, we curated artists’ and designers’ work to collectively create something which sends a strong message about acknowledging migrants in cities and meriting their contributions.

Includes photography work by Noah Sheldon, Nadine Stijns, Erik Bernhardsson and Stephen Gleadow.


Ausstellung 11 ‘BORDERLINE’

Halbgasse 3/2/1, 1070 Wien


Ausstellung 11 ‘BORDERLINE’

Halbgasse 3/2/1, 1070 Wien